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Martin Gembege
Web developer & online business specialist

"I love helping businesses thrive through my work & providing a turnkey service making it easy get started."

  • +200 web projects

  • Generated 8 figures on shopify e-commerce store

  • Best at: WooCommerce, Shopify

  • Improvements: Learn more AI skills

  • Can in cooperate advanced ERP, API & POS solutions

  • Love automated web solutions for passive income



In my work, I strive to balance aesthetics and functionality. From initial concepts to final implementations, my philosophy centers on simplicity and effectiveness.

My style is uniquely mine—minimalist, with clean lines and innovative solutions that maximize space and efficiency. By focusing on these principles, I help businesses transform their online presence into streamlined, revenue-generating platforms.

Although I have a small team, I deliver big results. I specialize in finding semi-automated or fully automated solutions, allowing business owners to generate leads or sales while for example enjoying more time with their families.

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Why work with me & my team?

Trusted by hundreds


Since 2017, I’ve loved creating artistic websites that look like works of art. My goal is always to deliver the best possible results, ensuring my clients are proud of their online presence.


After managing a few own online stores and dedicating thousands of hours to work and study, I’ve learned what it takes for e-commerce to succeed. This experience allows me to help other businesses flourish and achieve their online goals.


With thousands of tools available today, finding the best ones can be overwhelming. I specialize in identifying and integrating the right tools to help your business thrive, giving you more time to focus on what truly matters.

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Simple work process

Having completed a few hundred projects, I’ve learned that efficient onboarding and quick setup are crucial for project success. That’s why I prioritize streamlined, digital processes to ensure everything runs smoothly and efficiently.


If you love what I can provide for you, reach out to me to set up a quick consultation. If you’re busy Ill send you a proposal based on your quote request.


Once everything looks great, we set clear goals for the project during the kickoff meeting and begin our work. 


After the deposit or agreed sum is paid, the project can officially start. We will have milestones meetings as agreed . Final payment after project is done or as agreed on.





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ABOUT THE PROJECT What We Did: We developed a comprehensive WordPress website for IAC, integrating all their services and showcasing their brand ambassadors. The



Need help with professional
photography? Let's work together!

In my work, I try to find the right balance between form and function. From technical drawings, all the way to the photographic renders, and the actual representations of my work as a designer, my philosophy is that of simplicity. At the same time, my style is distinctly mine – uncluttered, with clean shapes and modern space-saving solutions.



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"My website was created quickly using the 'turnkey principle.' This included everything from photography to building the actual website. And everything was done swiftly, with ideas being shared and implemented together. Martin & Co. are very professional, and you can always get help immediately when something needs further thought. :)"

anne kukkohovi review e1717953137996

Anne Kukkohovi

Finnish Public Figure

"Very friendly and professional service. We created one website from scratch and updated another. Additionally, we received personal guidance on how to use the pages. The websites are fresh and function exactly as we had hoped."

Sunneva Sjögren

Owner of Miss Finland & Public figure
elina virta e commerec store review

"I felt that I was genuinely listened to and that there was a real desire to advance and develop my business. Communication was easy, and everything was handled promptly. I received more than I expected!"

elina virta e commerec store review

Elina Virta

E-commerce owner
ville toprec

"I want to thank Martin for taking care of my entire website development for my new company. They helped with development, design, and actively provided suggestions and tips on what to highlight on the site. Their involvement was very thorough and helpful. I can definitely recommend his team."

ville toprec


Toprec, Owner
sonja kantomaa website review

"I want to thank Martin for the project, and I'm super impressed with how smoothly and quickly the process went. It was amazing that once we started, the site was almost done. At the end of the project, we connected well, and the guidance on how to use the site was very simple. I do social media, so it was great to receive useful ideas from Martin on how to integrate social media with the site. The package was comprehensive, not just focused on website development but also incorporating social media strategies."

sonja kantomaa website review

Sonja Kantomaa

Website & Blog
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"I contacted the team and received a consultation on using my Instagram for my benefit. They provided a detailed plan to monetize it, which was very helpful. I can highly recommend them to friends, companies, and others who want to monetize their social media through website integrations. Ask for their help, and they will definitely assist you."

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Emirhan Antonio

Social media & Website, Influencer

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T : +358453140019

E : Hello@martingembege.fi

A: Helsinki, Finland