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Published: 2021



The owners aimed to revolutionize the way people buy rims and tires by modernizing the industry's outdated approach. The goal was to integrate complex solutions, including ERP integration, to create a seamless shopping experience where customers can find everything they need in one place. Because this was such a large project, ongoing maintenance and updates are required due to the scale and complexity of the WooCommerce store, which is almost entirely automated. The site currently generates about five figures monthly and is consistently growing. The focus for 2024 is on Google PMAX ad campaigns and expanding the site's SEO to drive further growth.

  • Service

    WooCommerce E-Commerce store, Speed Optimization

  • Marketing

    SEO, Google ADS PMAX campaigns

  • Integrations

    ERP connecting multiple API into one system, Order management to third party systems

  • Industry

    Rims & Tires

  • Products

    +51000 products & +150 brands

Google PageSpeed Insights
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tire and rims front page min
tires and rims product page min
Product page
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Collection page

How we

  • WooCommerce E-Commerce Store: Developed a custom online store for seamless shopping experience.
  • Speed Optimization: Ensured fast loading times and smooth user experience.
  • Boosted Speed Stats: Mobile 74/100 (2.4sec loading time) and Desktop 95/100 (1sec loading time).
  • SEO: Implemented strategies to improve search engine rankings and visibility.
  • Google ADS PMAX Campaigns: Managed advertising campaigns to drive targeted traffic.
  • ERP Integration: Connected multiple APIs into one system for streamlined operations.
  • Automated Trustpilot Review System: Integrated automated reviews to build trust.
  • Media Exposure: Featured in Finland’s top media outlets to boost SEO DR and authority.
  • Organic Traffic Growth: Achieved over 3k organic traffic in a few months (Ahrefs).
  • SEO Blog Articles: Created content to attract and engage visitors.
  • AI-Enhanced Product Descriptions: Developed accurate descriptions for over 12k items using AI and Excel, saving time.
  • Fully Automated Store: Automated orders and delivery to customers in Finland.

speed optimization mobile tire and rims min
Mobile speed optimization 69/100%
speed optimiation desktop tire and rims min
Desktop speed optimization 98/100%
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